We offer a broad range of consulting services to our clients with the simplicity of a single point of contact and accountability.

We offer a broad range of consulting services to our clients with the simplicity of a single point of contact and accountability.

Strategy Consulting: What business maximizes revenue growth and value creation? What competitive advantages are the key success components and how they can be built? Answering these questions requires convincing theses how to go for and making it difficult for competitors to imitate this way. Together with our clients we analyze and quantify potential improvement opportunities, identify levers to reduce costs or increase productivity and create ambitious but well achievable action plans. In these intensive projects, we work in close team atmosphere and hand in hand with our clients to ensure a fast and smooth implementation of agreed plans. We check constantly the progress, always considering precise benchmarks. The close teamwork is the main success factor for smooth and lasting results.

Business Process Management: Efficient processes deliver transparency and traceability, increase planning security, and help realise company aims and quality standards. Well organised processes are the guidance for operative workflows, communication, documentation, and interfaces: Who does what, when and how these processes move beyond a variety of organisational entities, and flows both within and without company boundaries. We are focusing on the transparency of business activities with the aim of identifying potential points for optimisation and to adjust processes towards those enhancements. In doing so, the efficiency of individual employees is not the main focus. In fact BPM provides a framework in which tasks can be solved intelligently and efficiently. The involvement of the employees in the process design is a key factor and leads to sustainable increases in motivation and performance.

Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain Management is a process-oriented management approach. In an interdisciplinary style we review all processes in the supply chain with the aim of optimizing along the value chain. Our goal is to increase customer satisfaction with the systematic improvement of cost-benefit ratios, through the focus of our competencies on the quality management in the interfaces of the supply chain. We focus on structuring, coordinating, and mediating the operative interfaces in the client-supplier-relationship through optimising the product-related quality management. Essential parts are the integration of customer requirements, date communication and transfer in the supply chain, development of a sustainable and price-conscious supplier management, as well as coordination of harmonious communication.

Change Management: Change Management follows practical approved methods that help to communicate changes and implement them in an organisation. Every organisational change has consequences that influence employees directly or indirectly. Professional change management supports employees throughout the change process and promotes transparency as well as an overall understanding of the reasons behind the process. This is critical for employees, encouraging them to support the process and motivate them to work successfully in the new structure. Our position as an external partner with a neutral perspective leads to an increased openness to change from your employees, especially in critical situations.

Interim Management: Out of our extensive global network we are able to support our clients with the right expertise at the right time on any level. Whether you need additional resources for projects or peak periods, required specific expertise and skills that are missing in your company, staff shortages have to be bridged or reorganization measures can be carried out more effectively and without conflict by external experts.

Shopfloor Management: Shopfloor Management stands for improved management and organisation on the way to a lean company. Applied methods and tools aimed at improving the interaction between managers and employees, which promote the problem solving and improvement process itself. We support our clients in concept development and implementation of a Shopfloor Management as a management tool, leadership qualification and coaching – feedback and reflection, implementation of a problem-solving process and maturity level measurement as external review to ensure the qualitative further development and sustainability.

Start-up Consulting and Business Incubation: We assist and consult start-up companies as well as established companies in founding new subsidiaries or spin-offs in the aviation sector. Based on our extensive experience in the aviation sector we are able to support our clients over the entire distance, starting from the creation or analysis of business plans, introduction of potential investors, setting up the right business processes and infrastructure, recruiting the matching resources up to the final start into business operations and further operational support.

Trainings and Audits for EASA approval holder: We support our clients with a wide range of trainings and audits for EASA Part 21J design organisations, EASA Part 21G production organisations or EASA Part 145 maintenance organisations.

Implementation Consulting for EASA approvals: We support our clients with a wide range of services and trainings for becoming an EASA Part 21J design organisation, EASA Part 21G production organisation or EASA Part 145 maintenance organisation. We guide you along the entire approval process from application to approval. We develop individually manuals, processes and forms; we coordinate the preparation of applications, notification of senior persons and other coordination between your company and the relevant authority. In parallel to the approval process first audits and training are carried out in order to be best prepared for the requirements and timely detect and correct deficiencies. For the optimum presentation of our clients company, we are preparing the regulatory audits, brief your employees and accompany the audits on request, if accepted by the authority.